Accident Repairs Services sydney

Prestige auto body & smash repairs 


If you’ve been involved in an accident, the team at Cammeray will do all we can to ensure your accident repairs process is as easy as possible by taking care of everything for you. 

Auto Body refinishing

Auto body refinishing helps prepare the surface of your vehicle for finishing spray painting and detailing work to restore your vehicle after an accident. 


For affordable auto detailing in Sydney, book in your vehicle with Cammeray today. Auto detailing includes a thorough clean, restoration and finishing of the interior and/or exterior of your vehicle to help it gleam like new. 


We provide cost-effective paintless dent repair services in Sydney without the need for paint. Using specialised tools, we can restore your vehicle quickly and for an affordable price. 

Courtesy Cars

We understand that the world doesn’t stop when you are involved in an accident. To ensure you can get from A to B while your vehicle is being restored, we offer courtesy vehicles to our customers. 

Work With All Major Insurance Companies

Here at Cammeray, we work with all major insurance companies to ensure you get the quality smash repairs and auto restoration services you need under your insurance policy. 


For all your accident repairs needs.